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Jeans have become an important outfit, not just in metros but in rural areas too. Youngsters love jeans as daily wear and therefore it has gained much popularity. Delhi is one of the states which is famous across India for wholesale jeans suppliers. Suppliers that provide latest designs of jeans at affordable prices. One reliable name when it comes to the wholesale supply of men’s jeans is Sparky.

The parent group of Sparky was launched in 1962, today it is a leading brand of quality and affordable jeans in India. With its own production facilities and in-house designers, Sparky ensures the best of products at very attractive prices. It sources its fabrics from premier names like Arvind Limited, Vardhman Textiles and Raymond Limited. The automated design and product development ensures manufacturing is at its optimum – 60 lakh garments produced annually.

A big reason for the success of the brand Sparky is the quality of the product. The materials used and the designs in which they are translated, all these come together to ensure great reviews from the target audience. Completely automated production, multi-layered testing procedures, involving both manual as well as automatic processes at different stages, ensure jeans with optimum quality. A result of this focus on quality is the growing demand of Sparky across India.

Sparky Products are available across India through a sound distribution network. The company caters to the requirements of both wholesalers and retailers. Sparky delivers well-crafted Jeans at affordable prices. All this translates into a win-win situation for all our brand partners and associates.