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The Heritage

Just like its designs, J K Jain Sparky (India) LLP too has a very rich legacy. It was established more than five decades ago by Mr. J K Jain. An intrepid entrepreneur since 1962, he started off with woollen hosiery products. His keen business acumen saw a new opportunity and he branched out into ladies’ suits and garments. In 1998, J K Jain Sparky (India) LLP launched the original collection of jeans, casual shirts and trousers under the brand name Sparky. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Mr. Jain has had a long and fruitful career. A career marked by the thrill of excitement, a sense of challenge, and the satisfaction of accomplishment. And throughout his career, he has followed a simple yet highly successful philosophy – ensure your products centre around high-end design & quality fabrication with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

His focus on quality inspires us in all our endeavours. We strive to deliver best value to our customers, our stakeholders and our partners. It is this commitment to value that motivates us and keeps us on track towards our founder’s vision – turning J K Jain Sparky (India) LLP into a Rs 1000 Crore enterprise.

The Product

Sparky is India’s leading fashion brand, offering quality apparels to the discerning consumer. The range includes jeans, shirts and trousers. The brand promise of Sparky is quality. And it is reflected in the of sourcing the raw material, procured from top names like Arvind Limited, Vardhman Textiles and Raymond Limited. The in-house design team then transforms this raw material into quality garments offering latest designs and a comfortable fit. All this is made possible by innovation and cutting-edge technology. Technology that ensures a strict standards and grading system with respect to fitting, seam integrity, colour, durability and conformance. All these factors combine to make Sparky a truly favoured clothing brand. When you sport a Sparky garment, you can be assured that Sab Dekhenge!

In today’s era of fashion, style statement is defined by your comfort in the hues you wear. In the prints you live. In the fit you put yourself into. Following a fashion is a passe’. Creating your own combination is now a fashion. So, let your bespoke style rule the world with your original spark. Reveal!